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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Samsung Camera Announces DSLR Models for 2006 Line-Up

The New GX-1L

For exceptional image quality and control, the GX-1L has a five-point, wide-area Auto Focus system, with a choice of AF-single or AF-continuous, providing accurate auto focusing in a variety of shooting conditions. The GX-1L also incorporates a high-precision, three-mode metering system including, 16-segment multi-pattern metering, center-weighted metering and spot metering. For additional control and creativity, users can choose from eight scene modes including Kids, Pets, Candlelight, Museum, Night Scene, Surf & Snow, Text and Sunset and several White Balance settings.

As with many high-end Samsung camera models, the GX-1L was developed for use with Schneider optics. The GX-1L uses the Schneider D-XENON 18mm~55mm lens and will be available as a body only, or bundled with the D-XENON lens as a kit. For added convenience the GX-1L can be used with many Pentax DSLR lenses and KAF2 and KAF mount lenses.

Designed for easy use, the GX-1L includes a host of automatic operations including an innovative Auto Picture mode that automatically selects the appropriate picture mode from Standard, Landscape, Macro or Action depending on the subject. When in Auto Sensitivity mode the GX-1L automatically selects the camera's sensitivity including brightness and focal length to help reduce camera shake and ensure a steady, clear image. And, for easy selection, all major functions can be accessed from the large, easy-to-read mode dial.

The Samsung GX-1L includes a high-speed consecutive shooting mode of up to 2.8 frames per second up to eight frames in JPEG shooting and up to five frames per second when shooting in Raw Mode, allowing the user to capture a series of the subject's action or movement.
Designed to enable easy viewing of images in all lighting conditions, the GX-1L features a large, 2.5-inch LCD monitor (210,000 pixels) and a bright, high-magnification pentaprism viewfinder offering a 96-percent field view.The GX-1L features a compact, lightweight body measuring just 4.9 x 3.6x 2.6-inches and weighing 16-ounces* perfect for on-the-go shooting. The Samsung GX-1L can be powered by four AA-size Lithium, Ni-MH or CR-V3 batteries.

The New GX-1S

For outstanding image quality, the GX-1S features high-precision, 16 segment multi-pattern metering to assure accurate light measurement in addition to center-weighted metering and spot metering for more advanced applications. To provide accurate focusing on a variety of subjects the GX 1S incorporates a sophisticated 11-point AF sensor and a choice of AF single or AF-continuous for a wide variety of options. For further image control, users can chose from several White Balance settings and a variety of automatic shooting modes such as Portrait, Landscape, Moving Object, Macro and more.

Developed specifically for use with the Samsung GX-1S is the Schneider D-XENON 18mm~55mm lens. World renowned Schnieder optics have long been a defining feature of Samsung's high-end digital still camera models, and the GX-1S is no exception. The GX-1S will be available as a body only, or bundled with the D-XENON lens as a kit. For added convenience the GX-1S can be used with many Pentax DSLR lens and KAF2 and KAF mount lenses. Pricing and availability information will be provided at a later date.

The Samsung GX-1S includes a high-speed consecutive shooting mode of up to 2.8 frames per second up to eight frames in JPEG shooting and up to five frames per second when shooting in Raw Mode, allowing the user to capture a series of the subject's action or movement.

Designed to enable easy viewing of images in all lighting conditions, the GX 1S features a large, 2.5-inch LCD monitor and a bright, high-magnification pentaprism viewfinder offering a 95-percent field view and .95-times magnification.

An ideal solution for picture-taking on-the-go, the Samsung GX-1S has a compact design measuring 4.9 x 3.6 x 2.6-inches and weighs 17.8-ounces*

The user-friendly model takes full advantage of the large LCD monitor with a convenient and informative in-camera guidance system that provides a detailed explanation of shooting, flash modes and White Balance settings.

The Samsung GX-1S can be powered by four AA-size Lithium, Ni-MH or CR-V3 batteries. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

T-Mobile MDA for the US - Reviewed

For the consummate deal maker, staying connected with the office is critical. Compact, stylish and ergonomically designed, T-mobile’s MDA is your connected Pocket PC as you negotiate contracts, develop partnerships and sign deals. It functions as a tri-band Smartphone with GPRS, EDGE and built-in Wi-Fi for blazing internet speed at T-mobile hotspots across America. With a sliding full keyboard, writing long personal and corporate e-mails is a breeze. It comes packed with powerful features: a 1.3 mega-pixel camera with video capture and an MP3 player with expandable mini SD slot. The phone is Bluetooth enabled and has a speaker phone for strategy conference calls on the go.

Hardware Inside:

Speed: 200 MHZ
RAM Size: 64 MB
Flash Size: 128 MB
Flash Chip type: M-Systems G3
Data Bus: 16 bits
Storage Size: 56 MB

The MDA runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 and has an OMAP850 195Mhz CPU. The processor is fast and can handle multiple applications, like Excel, Word and Internet Explorer all at the same time. The size of the RAM is 64MB with a flash size of 128MB. It also supports an expandable Mini SD memory slot.

Dimensions and Exterior:

The T-Mobile MDA measures 4.3 inches by 2.3 inches and weighs 5.29 ounces. The 2.8 inch screen has 65,000 colors and is 320 x 240 pixels.

The Network:
The device is supported on 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 bands, and is GPRS/EDGE enabled. T-mobile's GPRS/EDGE network is slow compared to Verizon's network. So be prepared to sip your coffee as you wait for the pages to upload on the explorer. However, T-mobile redeems itself with the built in Wi-Fi. Web surfing definately picks up speed when you connect with a Wi-Fi network. Better yet, with T-mobile hotspots poping up all over the United States, all you need is a T-mobile Hotspot subscription to check your email, browse the net and chat on msn.

Additional features:

The MDA includes Bluetooth, a 1.3 megapixel camera, an MP3 player, and Mini SD memory. The camera is a big disappointment. The pictures come out all fuzzy and grainy. Even the built-in flash doesn't improve things. If I am spending $400 on a phone, the least they can do is to put in a decent camera - at least 2 MP.


Talk time is 5.5 hours with 5 days of standby time if you are not using the internet. Be prepared to recharge this phone twice a day if you plan on using it for internet browsing. The wi-fi connection drains all the juice out this phone. Definately needs a much improved battery!!

The price of the device is $399.99.

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Fujitsu Lifebook P1500D Notebook

Working hard doesn’t mean lugging around a 6 lb notebook! Upgrade to the award winning Fujitsu Lifebook and experience ultra portability, durability and flexibility in form factor. With an 8.9” wide format screen, creating presentations or writing e-mails has never been easier. Simply flip the screen to convert the Lifebook into a tablet PC for jotting handwritten notes or drawing product designs and concepts. The wireless LAN feature comes standard for high-speed connection to your office network or broadband Internet. Keep your competition from getting valuable data by creating a security-rich environment with the built-in biometric Fingerprint Sensor.

Prices start at $1500 and available at
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Alienware Aurora ALX desktop

Are you an extreme gamer with a high disposable income craving an out of body experience? Then look no further than the customized Alienware Aurora ALX desktop. The Aurora ALX features a AMD Athlon (TM) 64 FX-57 with Hypertransport Technology and an NVIDIA nForce (TM) 4 SLI (TM) which together deliver multi-GPU performance for an unprecedented Man Vs Machine gaming interaction. Take you gaming skills to the next level with jaw-dropping graphics, stunning sound with 7.1 multi-channel audio and cutting edge speed for live online games. Any trouble shooting is handled by premium support and service which comes with the system. Prices start at $4399 and up; buy direct from,  Posted by Picasa

Sling Media's SlingBox

Missing all your favorite TV shows because of trans-continental jet setting for work or vacation? The Slingbox Personal Broadcaster will keep you from singing the blues. The Slingbox digitizes the programming from your cable or satellite box and streams it-in real time-to a remote PC. All you need is a Windows XP or Windows 2000 PC, running Sling's SlingPlayer viewing software with broadband Internet access. The installation is seamless and the video quality is surprisingly good. Say auf Wiederschauen to missing the latest episode of Project Runway!

Priced at $249 and available from
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Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset

Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset is compact, stylist and functional. Priced at $179 at Posted by Picasa

Verizon VZ Access - Broadband access anywhere!

Get high speed internet access anywhere in the continental U.S with the Novatel Wireless Cellular Modem card with Verizon. Priced at $99.99 after 2 year contract rebate at

Kodak EasyShare-One Zoom Digital Camera

Share photograph instantly with the new Kodak EasyShareOne digital camera. Emailing pictures to friends and family directly from the camera is a snap with the optional Wi-Fi adapter. Grandparents no longer have to wait for your vacation to end to view the pictures. Availabe at and priced at $599. Posted by Picasa

Krell’s Evolution Series Heat Music System

For the serious music enthusiasts and home theater aficionados, Krell’s Evolution Heat Music System is the ultimate in aural excellence. The Evolution Series is a unique synthesis of science and art that allows for unmatched sonic realism. Immensely powerful, the Evolution One is a monaural design that features a separate power supply for each channel. A monaural preamplifier with a separate power supply, the Evolution Two is capable of rendering a near lifelike soundstage with stunning detail and presence. The Lossless Acoustic Transducer (LAT) Series of loudspeaker’s custom-made gold plated brass binding posts are included for maximum signal transfer. Sinatra’s voice has never before cast a magical spell on your guests in your living room. Treat your family and friends to performances of Sinatra as if they were attending a live show. Price as displayed $145,000. For more information visit

Sirius S50 satellite portable radio

Sirius S50 satellite portable radio will compliment the rich and sleek interior of any luxury car. The S50 has several attractive attributes: an elegant black design, portability and a brilliant multi-color display. All operating buttons have been placed on the sides of the S50 with nothing cluttering the front. The car kit includes an FM transmitter and a large five-way navigation control which is easy to use while driving. In addition, there is a pair of headphones and a remote control for backseat passengers to use. The car kit comes with several options for mounting the S50 base in your car, including an adjustable, telescoping base, as well as a vent-mounted base. The vent mount is easy to move the S50 from car to car and allows the base to hold on rock solid. The vent mounting also allows the S50 to be placed a little higher making it easier to see the screen and make adjustments without having to glance away from the road. In addition, the S50 features voice navigation which announces each station, allowing the driver to keep an eye on the road and not the screen.

The Sirius S50 has 1 GB of storage for recording your favorite satellite radio programming. A simple click of the heart icon will store your favorite song and is available any time you want. You can also record content from the more than 120 channels, including virtually every musical genre; talk shows; NFL, NHL, and NBA broadcasts; and of course, Howard Stern for a $12.95-per-month subscription service. Sirius content is in a proprietary compressed format, and at a variable bit rate approximately 50 hours of music is available when the S50 is full of recorded Sirius content. Also, the S50 also has the ability to pause and rewind live broadcasts so you never missing anything when answering your cell phone or hitting a drive-through for lunch. The replay buffer allows up to 60 minutes of programming and the ability to rewind or fast forward through the saved broadcast. When you are done listening to paused content, the S50 goes right back to live radio. The sound quality is remarkable for recorded, highly compressed content, and the included earphones provide a well-rounded sound, with excellent clarity and resounding bass. Car commuters will be enthusiastic audience for the Sirius S50 – they might even stop dreading traffic. Priced at $329 and available at